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Fresh Air Intake Systems ROBERTSON LOUVRES

Robertson Louvres

Zefyr’s “Industrial Weather Louvres” are high performance wall louvre systems designed to allow fresh air to replace exhausted air in buildings ranging from apartment and office blocks to industrial factories.

We offer an operable option that allows control over internal conditioning through the changing seasons, climates and weather conditions. They also provide smoke ventilation in the case of emergencies such as a fire.


A high performance operated wall louvre system that gives full control of airflow into a building. These systems consist of aerodynamic blades which profiles have excellent structural and aerodynamic characteristics.


Designed to provide the maximum capacity air inlet with minimum louvre face area on the building. Operable louvre system, which are vertically stacked in a frame and designed not to protrude when fully open.

Sand Trap

Specifically designed to allow airflow into buildings and, at the same time, stop any harsh weather conditions in places that suffer from severe seasonal changes or strenuous weather conditions most of the year.


Designed to reduce noise levels with a wide range of products to suit each application depending on the customer-required performance. Reduce the sound levels across the unit whilst allowing efficient airflow in to the building.

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