Robertson Ventilators

World leading high performance extract ventilators that allow for the easy escape of hot / stale / smokey air, normally from the roof of a building. Applied to buildings that experience extreme indoor working conditions, in order to create as comfortable an environment as possible. Operable options allow for the full control of air flow rates whilst ensuring full weather protection. These systems also provide safety by allowing for the clearance of smoke.


Designed for removal of high heat problems for industrial buildings if structural limitations do not allow for heavier ventilators. The ingenious design combines quick installation with pre-assembled modules, low-profile design.

Heatmover S

High performance extreme heat extraction ventilator designed specifically for industrial complexes where the most efficient natural is necessary. Designed to cope with some of the smallest required gaps to handle whilst dealing with extreme industrial heat problems.

Heatmover S CE

A universal ventilator for industrial enterprises. It combines outstanding coefficient discharge with the requirement for smoke and heat exhaust. It has been tested according to the EN 12101-2 for European Standard.


Our most recent ventilator specifically designed for industrial application. The ventilator is approved according to European Standard EN 12101-2 and classifications of B600 and T (-30°).

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Robertson Ventilation Solutions by Zefyr Group


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